Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Now Dannel 88 has really gone and done it. He's taken away our rest areas, and it even has some Democrats, crossing their legs in disgust. It seems the Democrats, who voted for the Governor's budget to see what was in it, are now finding out that among the Governor's "cuts" in a budget that increases spending by $1B, is the closing of rest areas not operated by commercial enterprises. The first to go will be the Willington rest areas on both sides of I-84, closing July 1st. The measure will save the state a whopping $400,000. Have to replenish those EBT cards to preserve the safety net, you know.

Even Rep. Antonio Guerrera, D-Rocky Hill, is in a snit. The co-chair of the General Assembly's Transportation committee says the proposal was never put to his panel by the governor's people. Apparently he was one of those who voted "yes" on the budget bill, before reading it.

Michael Riley, the head of the Motor Transport Association, a group representing truckers, is also befuddled, saying the governor can spend millions on a Hartford-New Britain busway that very few people will use, but is willing to shutdown a rest area on I-84 at which 50,000 motor vehicles will stop, during the July 4th weekend.

Borrowing on Republican Sen. Michael McLachlen's idea that Connecticut needs to change it's moniker from the "Constitution State," because Democrats have steered the state so far to the left, Dannel 88's rest area crackdown has now set up numerous name-change possibilities. Perhaps we can become the "Porta Potty State." Obviously we will need one, while driving that stretch of I-84 on our way to "freedom" in Massachusetts. Or maybe the "Constipation State" might work. It will be a fitting condition in which to be, while traversing I-84.

I suspect, Dannel 88 will mysteriously find the money and keep the rest areas open, allowing he and his fellow liberals to appear as if they have "heard the public." Meanwhile, they will have hoodwinked us into the largest tax hike in Connecticut history, come July 1st.

For now, however, the rest area closures have given new meaning to "hold it, until the pike," or "are we there yet."

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