Saturday, May 14, 2011

"New Deal Same Ol Same Ol

We predicted months ago that Dannel88 was cut right from the mold of Barack Obama, a tax and spend liberal.
So his announcement Friday that he had cut a deal with the state employee unions that includes no layoffs should come as no surprise. Furthermore, like Obama, Dannel88 loves the spotlight, as evidenced by the dog and pony show he put on this winter.

In reality, what was the result of his now infamous "listening tour ?" Nothing, other than a larger "carbon footprint.". He got his tax hike - the largest in state history - did not layoff any state unionized employees, and he managed to expand the budget. Not bad for someone who more people voted against for governor than for.

The final piece of Dannel88's charade fell into place Thursday, when the State Supreme Court tossed out Sen. Joe Markley's lawsuit. Essentially the court ruled the state legislature could place a hidden tax on our electric bills and use the money for the general fund. Now Connecticut was awash in an extra $300M, on top of a projected $600M surplus in this fiscal year. That gave Dannel88 the excuse he needed to cut his union deal. Using his stifling tax hike, surplus money that should go back to the people, and the usual budget gimmicks - of which there are many - Dannel88 had his deal.

Remember, as predicted, there were never going to be any layoffs. State employees were the ones who "elected" Dannel88. So in the end, we have what this corner predicted in the fall, if this tax and spend Democrat/WFP candidate was elected: higher taxes, in a state already taxed to the max, more spending, and an overburdenedsome state bureaucracy. And it is just the start of his powergrab, if you follow what else he's been up to, especially with the Department of Environmental Protection. I would not be surprised, if President Obama hasn't already hit the send button on his congratulatory email.

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