Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've met U.S. Republican candidate Linda McMahon a couple of times and interviewed her twice on my afternoon radio program. She seems like a nice person. I don't know about her personal family values nor does anyone else, unless you actually exist in the McMahon family environment. But I do know the business she headed until last year, WWE, has made its millions off of anything but family values, regardless of how many donations have been made to the troops or Get Out The Youth Vote campaigns WWE has funded.

Put it this way, the fake wrestling matches promoted by WWE, which score high television ratings, are not the wrestling matches your grandparents watched on TV or witnessed at the Hartford Civic Center and New Haven Coliseum. The steel-caged matches of Andre the Giant and George "the Animal" Steele are a far cry from the sex and abuse that passes for today's WWE. This is the same sex and demeaning of women that McMahon's campaign supporters legitimize by calling such presentation "entertainment."

Abuse? We will never know how extensive the drug and steroid abuse was among WWE "independent contractors." But it would be a legitimate question to ask the GOP endorsed Senate candidate, whether she used steroids. Don't expect the query in the friendly forums, where she chooses to appear. And don't expect the friendly talkshow hosts to bring up the family value issue either, the next time she appears as a guest.

We do know the business on which she has made her millions - used to underwrite this Senate campaign - promotes women in a wrestling ring, stripping down to their bras and panties, while engaging in a lengthly liplock, in front of millions watching on TV. Afterwhich, two big men then enter the ring to beat them up. And did I mention the WWE Lingerie Contest judged by Randy Orton? That's the event, where women strip down to their underwear in the ring, then walk over to rub against Orton's more sensitive body parts. Let's not forget the scantily clad female wrestler who walks into the lockerroom, to give her male counterpart a long kiss, before he enters the ring.

Entertainment? I ask you, would you want to sit down with your granddaughter or grandson to watch this? Most men wouldn't sit down with their wives to watch this garbage. Yet McMahon, who was the CEO of the WWE, promoted this programming genre. And now her supporters legitimize such programming by saying she's a great businesswoman. Some even say they will campaign for her.

I say check out You Tube, before WWE pulls down even more controversial videos, and watch what passes for family values these days, before deciding on which candidate you will cast your vote.


  1. I am a conservative. I want to see fellow conservatives win elections. However Rob Simmons is no conservative. He was on the wrong side of cap & trade, card check and partial birth abortion. He is an honorable man, but he is an insider incumbent. Time to give a self-made woman a chance.

  2. I am a foreign born Hispanic conservative. Love your show more than Hannity. New listener and mostly a Levin listener. Your show today - yes, Linda's business that has inappropriate behavior is a problem, but fighting for liberty is too important. I think you are wrong about not supporting someone who is imperfect against someone like Dick B. Whereas Dick would take away more of our rights - and we know this, Linda may or may not. There is a difference between the two. We can never have all or nothing. Sometimes we have to take the best of 2 dislikes, except in this case Dick is so much worse. Please put your standards on hold and prevent this disgrace called Dick from getting any more power. Jose

  3. Dan,

    As a sword has two edges so also does the conservative ideology. One edge of the blade is the fiscal side while the other edge is the adherence to the moral absolutes (i.e., social side). The TRUE CONSERVATIVE adherers to and uses BOTH sides of this blade, sadly though many so called conservatives just use (practice) the fiscal edge of the blade while practicing a dull liberal immoral social ideology on the other edge. The majority of Independents fit this position to a tee. Sadly though many ill informed and shallow rooted conservatives also practice this Independent/Moderate philosophy and are quite deceived when it comes to who they are truly voting for. These individuals practice an intellectual rational based on emotion and feelings without firm adherence to concrete facts and foundational moral absolutes and truths. These moral absolutes were instilled into Almighty God’s creation when God created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1; 1-31). These Devine Natural Laws transcend cultural barriers and social boundaries erected by fallen man (Rom. 5:12-19) These instilled Natural Laws are absolute and crucial for a healthy society and for social harmony in a lost and fallen world dominated by the unbridled passions of men (Eph 2:1-2). Our Founding Fathers knew this all too well and sought to establish this nation on the bedrock of the Bible, its Judean/Christian values, a strict adherence to natural moral laws, and a firm reliance on Devine Providence (i.e., Almighty God). Linda McMahon, Peter Shift, Scott Brown etc… are social liberals when it comes to morality.

    The book “The 5000 Year Leap” goes into great detail of the vision of our Founders and the brilliance and clarity they possessed in architecting and founding this nation. It is a most read for all Americans.

    God Bless!